Advanced Shop Settings

In the Advanced tab, you can set to allow or disallow the following buttons.

  1. Terms & Conditions – Check the checkbox and type in the Terms & Conditions of your shop in the box provided
  2. Hide Home Button – Activate this button if you want to hide your Home button on your navigation menu at the Shopfront
  3. Enable “Notify Me” – Activate this button if you want your customers be informed when a particular product is back in stock. When you activate this button, your customers will be able to click on the “Notify Me” button when a product is out of stock.
  4. Enable Product Image Auto-Centralize – Activate this button if you want to centralize all your product images in the product grid. This function will be helpful if the product images you upload are in different dimensions. Do note that this feature standardize all image sizes so some of your images might be cropped off.
  5. Allow Guest Checkout - Activate this button if you would like to allow customers to checkout without creating a user account. Note that customers will still be required to enter their contact details and address.
  6. Allow Membership Application – Activate this button if you would like to allow to allow customers to sign up as an exclusive member of your shop during checkout. Note that you should not activate this if the membership of your shop isn’t free.
  7. Membership Application Message – Set your Membership Application Message in the textbox. A default message has already been set for you.
  8. Default Membership Duration – Set the duration of your shop’s membership. The default setting is 30 days.
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