The shop front is where your customers view your products easily in a catalogue view, before they click into the product and secure their shopping cart. Customers can click into ‘View Cart’ to view the products which is added to the shopping cart, or ‘Clear Cart’ to erase all the items that were previously added into the cart.

The Account tab is for your shoppers to create new accounts at your shop and use them to keep track their order statuses purchased from your online shop.

For new customers, they can sign up an account with you by filling up the details as shown in the screen shot below. If they are existing customers, they can log in and check for their orders. Please note that new customers who checkout at your online shop without registering first will also need to register during the checkout process.

Besides the Account tab, shoppers can also use the Contact tab to send you message/provide feedbacks:

Finally, the Tack tab allows affiliates to tack your shop onto the platforms as provided below. This helps you to extend distribution channels and increase exposure for your online shop. Identical shop front will appear on these platforms, and you can manage all these shops conveniently at your fingertips under one synchronized store. Do not worry that you will lose your point of sales, as transactions made at all these channels are directed back to you.

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