Basic Shop Settings

In the Basic tab, you can set your Shop Name, your Shop URL, your shop’s Logo, time zone, and your Shop Description.

- Shop Name – the name you enter here will be used in the emails you send to your customers.

- Shop Alias – Set your Shop name in the text field.
For example, if your shop name is “ROSESARERED”, your TackThis shop URL will appear as “” OR if you are a Philippines user, then your shop URL will appear as “”

- Shop Custom Domain - Enter your Shop Domain in the text field. Your customer can access to your shop directly from the Shop Custom Domain you set in this field. You will also have to edit your DNS settings at your domain site.

- Main Shop URL – Enter the URL of your shop in the text field

- Shop Logo – Upload your shop's logo here

- Shop Time Zone – Select the time zone of your shop

- Shop Description – Enter a shop description of your shop. This description will appear in the “About Us” section on your website

- Shop Meta Description - Enter the description of your online shop into the Shop Meta Description. This meta attribute will help to boost your search engine performance so your customers can find your shop through search engines.

- Shop Meta Keywords - Enter the keywords related to your online shop. Separate each keywords with a comma (,). This meta attribute will also help to boost your search engine performance.

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