Create Categories

Tips: Having more categories make it easier for your customers to browse your shop. Too many categories, however, will lead to confusion and a general sense of messiness. The categories should also be clear enough for your customers to understand. To know more about sub category and parent category, click here.

If you’re adding a new product, you can assign categories at the Product Information page.

To assign categories for newly uploaded products, you can also add and manage the tags for your products on the main products page. Type in tags for your product in the empty field at the red box indicated. These tags will be where your products are categorized under.

Add new tags to assign categories for the products

Once you’re done assigning categories to the products, click “Organize” tab on the Products page to create your navigation menu.

Create Navigation Menu

The tags which you have created just now will appear at the left side of the page. In these tags, it shows you how many products are assigned under it. If you want to discard the tags, please note that it will untag all the products categorized under it as well.

To create your navigation menu, simply drag the tags on the left over to the field “DRAG CATEGORY HERE” indicated on the right. Create a sub category by slightly dragging it to the right, making it right indent. For example, in the screen shot below, “Blouse” is a sub category of “Tops”.

You can create a total of three tiers of menus

Please remember to click “Save”!

Lastly, sort the products inside each menu.

Drag to rearrange the products that will appear in the page. You can also choose to unpublish the products so that it will not appear on the shop front

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