Customize your Theme

Customize your Livejournal theme for a neat and sleek look for your LJCheckout shop.

To customize your theme, login at Livejournal.

Go to Journal, and click “Journal Style”.

If you have selected a theme, you can go straight to “Customize your theme” at the top right hand corner of the page. If you just got started, select your choice of theme from the list.


Customize the Presentation of your theme under basic options and limit:

1. Number of journal entries to show on recent entries page
2. Number of journal entries to show on friends page

(refer to the following screen shot)

Then, under additional options, select “No” for “Use classic commenting page” to disallow visitors to comment on your journal entry.

Limiting the number of journal entries shown on your page and disabling commenting page allows neater presentation of your shop.


Next, proceed to Sidebars. Standard Livejournal theme displays calender, page summary and tags at the sidebar. If you find it too distracting and messy for your shop, you can disable the settings here.

Turn on “Show links in sidebar” to provide more information for your customers, i.e. Terms and Conditions, Contact Us. Then, insert the the html code for your links.

Links List

To have the links list at the top of your page, click into Links List and insert the links' titles and URL.

Links list allows you to have several journal entries categorized under the links. For eg, 3 separate LJCheckout shops can be categorize under the links. It works similarly to LJCheckout's “Categories” icon.

Custom CSS

To prevent any conflicts of the changes you made previously with the standard Livejournal's theme, we recommend you to disable the layout's stylesheets and layout's theme's stylesheet.

Please note that you can do extra changes to your theme without sticking to our help guide. Play it around to achieve your desire shop theme :)

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