1. Click on “Add more delivery options”, followed by naming and configure the type of delivery available for your customers.

2. If no fees is involved, do not leave the field blank. Instead, just type “0”.

*Tip - If you want your customers to buy over a certain amount before you deliver, switch on the “Minimum order amount”

3. Click save.

*Tip - If your delivery option is shipping across countries, you can choose multiple countries by pressing Ctrl while choosing the countries you want.

You can configure delivery method by weight or item.

By item:

Select “Per Item” under the drop down list of Incremental fee.

How it works: For example, the base fee is $5, and the incremental fee per item is $0.50. You set the increase of fees for 2 items and above. If your customer purchases 2 products, the shipping fees will be $5 (that's the base fee). If she purchases 1 additional product, the costs for 1st and 2nd item: $5, and $0.50 for the 3rd item (incremental fee). Hence, the total shipping fees costs $5 + $0.50 = $5.50.

If you want to set free delivery after a certain number of products has been purchased just set the number under “Free delivery activation”.

By weight:

Before you configure the delivery settings, you'd have to set the minimum product weight for the particular product. Learn more at Products.

Select “Per Weight” under the drop down list of Incremental fee.

How it works: You have set 1kg for product weight, and set the increase of fees for 1kg and above. The base fee is $10, and the incremental fee per item is $0.50.
If your customer purchases this product which weighs 1kg, the shipping fees will be $10 (base fee). If your customer purchases the 2nd product which weighs another 1kg, the additional shipping fees will be $0.50, and so the total shipping fee costs $10 (1st item) + $0.50 (2nd item) = $10.50.

If you want to set free delivery after the customer bought over a certain amount of weight, just type in the amount under “Free delivery activation”.

Self Collection:

If you would like to set your delivery option as “Self Collection”, simply click on the “Self Collection” checkbox when you create a Delivery Method.


If your delivery method is taxable, select the “Add tax to cart total” located at the bottom and type in the tax applicable to your products followed by the percentage of tax. Finally click “Add New” and you are done.

*Note: If your product has already included tax,check on the “Tax included in prices” so that the total bill will not calculate another percentage of tax.

*Note: Remember to turn on the types of delivery you have added, so that your customers view the delivery options.

Other Functions:

You can also prepare a message that will be sent to your customers with the invoice. It can be your notice, terms and conditions of the delivery methods, etc.

To do this,click on the delivery configure to open the setting.

Then, type in your message. This message will appear in the automatic invoice sent to them after they have made a purchase from your online shop.

You may add as many delivery options as you want.

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