Discounts & Coupon Codes

Setting a discount is a great way to get your customers to buy. You can also set up a coupon code to create exclusivity around a certain item. Our merchants usually see a great response to the coupon codes - its a great way to reward a loyal client or to convert a first-time customer!

1. Click on Promotion in the control panel to access.

2. Add a new a promotion. Don't have products yet? Add them here: Products.

3. Select the Promotion Type in the drop down and input the promotion value. Check the box if it is a percentage value, for eg, 10% discount. If you select the option “with coupon code”, your customers will need to input a code to redeem the discount. You can select the code. *Optional: Enter the dates for the sale. Click “Save”.

Lastly, select your promotion and select add/remove products to add or remove products for the promotion you selected.

And you're done!

Below is how your product preview looks like when a promotion is added to it. And now your customers are able to enjoy the new discount price!

Click here to find out more on the other types of promotion feature available.

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