Under “Extras” you would be able to change the following attributes.

1. Price Label: Change the default “Retail Price” to a label of your choice.(e.g. “Discounted Price”)

2. View Detail Label: Change the default “VIEW DETAILS” to a label of your choice.(e.g. “CLICK ME!!”)

3. Featured Label: Change the default “New” to a label of your choice.(e.g. “New Arrival”) Your product will be featured at the shop front as shown in the following screenshot:

*Note - Remember to check the “Featured” box above the “Featured Label” to enable it.

4. Show Stock Count: Check the box to enable your customers to view how many stocks are left once they click on your product.

5. Out Of Stock Label: Change the default “OUT OF STOCK” to a label of your choice.(e.g. “MORE STOCKS WILL BE ARRIVING NEXT FRIDAY”)

*Additional Information - Once your product is out of stock, your customers will not be able to add the product to the cart.

6. Digital Media: Under “Digital Media”, once you switch it on, you will be able to send digital items to your customers. (e.g. Music).

Proceed by first entering the URL from which the digital item is located. A popular repository that you can use is Dropbox. Next, describe the name of the file to be displayed. This would appear as a link in the email auto-sent to your customer once payment has been confirmed. You can also set the number of downloads your customers is able to make under “Number of Downloads”.

Please remember to click “Save” before proceeding to add your Advanced Product Attributes.

Go to Promotions to check out the different types of promotions available for your product.

Click on Product Analysis to learn more about how many people have viewed your product before.

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