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 +=== Facebook ===
 +First, click on the “Facebook Logo”//
 +{{ :playground:picture18.png?600 |click on the big 'F'}}
 +Then, copy the “FB Secure Key” provided and click on the link to our own TackThis “FB Application”.//
 +{{ :playground:picture19.jpg?600 |copy the "fb secure key" and click on the link}}
 +This link will bring you back to Facebook, where you will be prompted to log into your Facebook account.//
 +//Tips: log into the account that is an “Admin” at the Facebook Fan page that you want to embed your shop into// //
 +Then, you will be prompted to give permission for TackThis Application. //
 +Click ‘Allow’.//
 +{{ :playground:picture20.png?600 |Click 'Allow' to add tackthis app to your FB fan page}}
 +After that, you will be prompted to choose which fan page you want to add the application to. Choose you shop’s fan page.//
 +{{ :playground:picture21.png?600 |Choose which fan page you want to add the app to}}
 +Then, you will be brought back to your Fan page. Once there, click on the “shop now” tab with the small TackThis! logo and paste the code you have copied into the space provided.//
 +{{ :playground:picture22.png?600 |enter your secure key and watch as your shop unveil on your Fan page!}}
 +Click on “Submit” and you are done!//
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