First, select “Facebook” from the list of available platforms, then “Click here” to add your shop to your Facebook Pages.

Click on the big 'F'

Next, select the “Install TackThis on your Facebook Page” tab.

Install TackThis on your Facebook Page

You will be asked to log into your Facebook account (if you have not done so), and subsequently prompted to select the Facebook page (if you only have 1 page, no selection will be needed) that you want to add the TackThis app to. Tip: log into the account that is an “Admin” at the Facebook Fan page that you want to embed your shop into.

Click on the Add TackThis button

Once you have clicked on Add TackThis, the app will appear on your selected Facebook page.

This is what the app looks like on your Facebook page.

In order for your shop to appear, Facebook requires your authorization. To do this, select the “Add Facebook Pages” tab, then click on the “Retrieve Facebook Pages” button Tips: You need to allow popup for http://www.tackthis.com domain.

Click on the Retrieve Facebook Pages button

Here is where you will be prompted to give permission to TackThis app. Click ‘Allow’.

Click 'Allow' to add TackThis app to your FB fan page

Choose the Facebook page that you want to allow your shop to appear on.

Choose which page you want to add your shop to

Your shop will now appear in the “Allowed Facebook Pages”, which you can remove later if you want to.

Congrats on your Facebook Shop! Let us know your feedback & comments - please email: support@tackthis.com. We love your emails!

Suggested Tips for Facebook

In a new Facebook timeline, we recommend that you make your shop visible at one of the tabs, as the tab apps are one of the first things users will see when interacting with your brand on Facebook. Hence, we advise that you use this tab to promote your shop.

You can also edit the application tab's name and icon by clicking on the small pencil icon at the top right hand corner of the app to edit it. Click “Edit Settings”

From here, you can change the tab image and name.

To change the tab name, just enter a tab name of your choice and save.

To change the tab image, select Change and then click on the Edit link over the image.

The upload page tab image dialog will open. Follow the instructions to upload an image.

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