Add Products from Instagram

a. To upload products from Instagram, click into the “Products” Tab.

b. On the Products Tab, go to the upper box which says Tips for Products. Click on the blue button which says Click here to get started.

c. You will be redirected to the TackThis Connect page. If you would like to upload products from your Instagram account, click on Connect with Instagram.

d. You will be redirected to the Instagram login page. Simply enter your Instagram username and password and click login, see screenshot below:

e. Upon logging in, you will be directed to a page containing all photos published on your Instagram account.

On the upper right side, click on the drop-down menu under CATEGORY and choose the marketplace category that will best represent the products you are selling.

f. Choose the product photos that you wish to be migrated to your TackThis! account.

For the photos that you don’t wish to upload, simply click the orange X icon found on the upper right of the photo. These photos will not be included with the products that will be uploaded.

Please select only a maximum of 20 photos at a time for faster uploading.

For the photos that will be uploaded as products, you may edit the product name and product price accordingly. By default, the system takes the first Instagram comment as the product name. The product prices are also auto-filled, otherwise the default price set is PHP1.

g. After reviewing your products, click the orange Publish button found at the bottom of the page.

h. A pop up window will appear. Fill the box with the email address connected to your TackThis store and click on Send Verification Code.

i. You will receive a verification email from TackThis! Connect containing the 6 digit alphanumeric code.

j. Enter the Verification code in the pop up box and click on the orange Create your store button.

k. After creating your shop, you can re-login to your account to preview, or add more products.

Voila! Your products will be published on your TackThis! store. You can now enjoy the benefits of having a real online store! No more selling via comments!

l. How many products or photos can I upload to my TackThis! Account?

The number of products you will be able to upload is equal to the number of products allowed on your account type (example: Expert – 100 products). If you want to upload more than the allowed products, simply click Upgrade located beside your Account tab.

l. Don’t forget to set up your Payments and Delivery (click the TAB) to complete your shop!

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