It is very easy to embed your shop into LiveJournal! Follow these 4 simple steps.

1. Click on “TACK YOUR SHOP”.
2. Click on the LiveJournal Logo and input your LiveJournal ID.

3. Copy the code.
4. Paste it into any LiveJournal entry. Select the “HTML” option when pasting the code.

Voila! Congratulations on creating your LiveJournal CheckOut enhanced blogshop!

Need more? Go back to the help section.

LiveJournal Tips

1. LiveJournal has an extra layer of restrictions on the size of your shop. You may have to make shop wider or thinner to fit your page. You can do this by changing the numbers in the last line of code (see below). This code tells you how many pixels your shop will be. You can change both the width and height of your shop.
LJ Code
To give you some guidance, here are the approximate pixel sizes:

For Normal (Portrait) Layout
3 Products: Width=560
4 Products: Width=720
5 Products: Width=900

For Wide (Landscape) Layout
2 Products: Width=560
3 Products: Width=840

For Portrait (Big) Layout
3 Products: Width=830

For Blog Shop Layout
Big: 900px (widget fits into an Ad-free LJ Theme)
Small: 750px (widget fits into LJ Theme with Ads)

*For Livejournal users, we don't recommend you to have 4 to 5 items per row under the Portrait (Big) Theme as the shop will exceed the standard Livejournal's layout

You can also adjust the Height of your shop so that you can view all your products on one page. You may have to play with the pixel sizes in order to make it look just right for your LJ site.

2. Make your shop always appear at the top of your page by setting the Publish Date to the future. For example, set your Publish Date to 02/02/2022.

Once you're done embedding your shop on Livejournal, you might want to find out how you can beautify your LJCheckout shop here.

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