Delivery Timeslots

1. To Manage Delivery Timeslots, add/choose a Delivery Option and click “Configure”

Example: I have chosen to “Configure” my “Local Delivery (2-3 days)”.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Manage Timeslots”

*Tip - This feature is only available for Enterprise users.

3. A new window should open.

Activating Timeslots

1. Turn “Enable Timeslots” On to activate timeslot management options

2. Then, click “Add more” to add a new delivery timeslot schedule.

3. You can choose between a “One Time” or “Weekly” delivery schedule.

"One Time" Delivery Schedule:

Choose this Schedule if you only intend to cater for ONE delivery date. Of course, you can have multiple dates but this might be relevant for days that require special delivery schedules. ie. Fathers' Day Special, Christmas Special, etc.

1. Name (Optional)

Giving a “One Time” schedule a Name would make management of your delivery schedule easier. ie. Fathers' Day Special

2. Date

Choose a date

3. Delivery Slots (Default)

This field is important. It sets the default number of delivery slots for each of the individual timeslots you are about to add with the “Add timeslot” button, which will be discussed in the next section.

4. Adding Timeslots

As discussed, we are now looking at a specific date (in our example 2013-06-24) where we manage the delivery schedule for the day. We can add multiple delivery timeslots to the date by clicking the “Add Timeslots” button. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have added 3 timeslots to this date. I might want to do only morning deliveries for the day. So, I've added timeslots for 8am, 10am and noon.

For delivery timings 10:00 and 12:00, I “Set Custom Delivery Slots” to be 2 and 3 respectively. This means that only 2 orders can be made for 10:00 and only 3 orders can be made for 12:00. Example: I might only have 2 delivery personnel available at 10:00 and 3 delivery personnel available at 12:00.

However, I did not check the “Set Custom Delivery Slots” option for the 08:00 timeslot. This is where the “Delivery Slots (Default)” is important. If the “Set Custom Delivery Slot” option is unchecked, the number of slots would be automatically set to the “Delivery Slots (Default)” value, which in our case is 5.

"Weekly" Delivery Schedule:

Choose this Schedule if you want to set a delivery schedule that repeats on a weekly basis. For example, throughout the entire course of my business, I will only do deliveries on odd days. ie. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

1. Name (Optional)

Giving a “Weekly” schedule a Name would make management of your delivery schedule easier. ie. Odd Day Deliveries

2. Repeat For

Select the dates which you want your delivery schedule to be recurring.

For example, by checking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be setting delivery schedules that will occur for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

3. Delivery Slots (Default)

Similar to the description in “One Time Delivery Schedules”, it sets the default number of delivery slots for each of the individual timeslots you are about to add with the “Add timeslot” button.

4. Adding Timeslots

We can add multiple delivery timeslots to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by clicking the “Add Timeslots” button. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have added 3 timeslots to these days.

Note: The “Set Custom Delivery Slots” has been left unchecked. This means that the number of delivery slots available for all 3 timings are automatically set to a default value of 3, as determined in 3. Delivery Slots (Default). To a specific number of delivery slots for a specific timing, check the “Set Custom Delivery Slots” and enter the number of slots available.

"One Time" Overriding "Weekly" Schedules

The “One Time” schedule(s) has been made to automatically override any “Weekly” schedule(s) set by you. This is to ensure that you can use the “One Time” to easily make changes to any “Weekly” schedule by simply adding in a “One Time” schedule with your preferred delivery settings.

Example: I currently have a “Weekly” schedule which falls on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which has delivery timings that last throughout the day (ie. 10:00, 14:00, and 18:00). If 2013-06-24 is a specific Monday which I only want to make morning deliveries (conveniently named Fathers' Day Special), I would:

  • Click “Add More”
  • Set this new delivery schedule to be “One Time”
  • Set the date to 2013-06-24
  • Insert 3 morning delivery timings which occur only in the morning (ie. 08:00, 10:00, and 12:00)

Automatically, the “Weekly” Monday delivery timings on 2013-06-24 has been replaced by the “One Time” delivery timings.

We will see how this is illustrated in the next section.

Delivery Schedule Calendar

For an easy overview of the delivery schedules set by you, simply click on “Preview” to access the Delivery Schedule Calender.

As shown, the “Fathers' Day Special” One Time schedule has automatically replaced the Monday that falls in the “Odd Day Deliveries” Weekly schedule. This is the overriding feature discussed in the previous section.

Another key usage of the overriding feature would be to disable delivery services for a specific day which falls in the “Weekly” delivery schedule.

For example, if I want to disable deliveries for 2013-06-28, I would:

  • Add a “One Time” delivery schedule and name it “No Delivery”
  • Set the date to “2013-06-28”
  • Set “Delivery Slots (Default)” to ZERO
  • Note: Do not “Add Timeslot” since there will be no deliveries that day
  • Save Changes

To check that this has worked, click “Preview” to access the Delivery Schedule Calendar. You should see that 2013-06-28, Friday, has been replaced with a “No Delivery” day and because “Delivery Slots (Default)” has been set to ZERO, customers will not be able to arrange for bookings on that day.

Customers' Front End View

The delivery scheduling function has been designed to be used easily for customers.

1. After proceeding to “Checkout”, the customer will be made to choose a delivery option.

2. By choosing the delivery option that you have configured to include delivery scheduling (In my example, Loca Delivery (2-3 days)), the “Delivery Timeslot” section will appear.

3. The customer will then be able to select his/her preferred date and time of delivery

Receiving Delivery Orders

Once the customer has successfully made payment for his purchases, the order would be automatically logged into your Tackthis system.

1. To view the order's delivery information, login to your Tackthis Dashboard

2. Click the “Orders” tab

3. Scroll down to view the individual orders by your customers

4. Click “View” to see details of the order

5. Scroll down the “Order Details” window to find “Delivery Information”

6. You can now view the type, date and time of the customers' delivery order

Simply deliver your customers' purchases to him/her according to his/her preferences.

Once delivered, remember to change the “Order Status” to delivered and update your “customer” and “stock”.

Next, Payments.

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