Marketplace Category Mapping (Current for Philippines Sellers only)

In order for your products to appear on the Marketplace, you will need to tag your product to a category in the Marketplace.

Go to your Overall Product Page.

Select the product you would like to add in the Marketplace and click the “Select Marketplace Category” dropdown list.

Please note that you'll only be able to tag each product to ONE category in the Marketplace.


If you would like to tag one of your shop's category under a category in Marketplace, select “Marketplace Category Mapping” button.

Select the shop's category you want to tag, and select the Marketplace category you want your products to appear in.

All your products under your shop's category will appear under the chosen Marketplace Category.

For e.g, if you've chosen the “Apple” category on your TackThis account to appear in “Electronics - Tablets” under Marketplace, ALL your products under “Apple” will be seen in “Electronics - Tablets” under Marketplace.

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