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"Notify Me" for your customers

1. Some of your products might sell pretty quickly on your Tackthis! shop. Before you know it, your stocks levels might have reach ZERO and customers will be unable to make any purchases. What they would see is “OUT OF STOCK” as shown below:

2. Customers might want to be notified if the product has been restocked. Therefore, the “Notify Me” feature has been created so that the process for customers to request for a notification will be a seamless one.

3. The customer should see the following:

4. By clicking the “Notify Me” button, the customer should see text fields for their email address and a message to you.

5. After submitting, the customer should see a thank you message.

Activating the "Notify Me" Feature

1. Click the “Shop Settings” Tab in the Tackthis! Dashboard, and go to “Advanced Settings”.

2. Scroll down and turn “Allow Notify Me” ON.

Managing the "Notify Me" Feature

1. Upon submission of a “Notify Me” request by a customer, you will see a notification in your Tackthis! Dashboard at the “Inbox” tab.

2. Open the “Inbox” and click “Notify me” Notifications. You should see the products with “Notify Me” requests, current stock counts and number of pending requests for notifications.

3. By clicking “View Details”, you can view a list of all the customers who requested for a notification for that product. By clicking “Notify”, the customer will receive an email informing them that the product has been restocked.

Alternatively, you can access this information by going to the “Products” tab in the Tackthis! Dashboard, “Edit” product, Scroll down to Product Attributes, and click “Notify-Me: 2 Pending”.

Consolidating Total Quantity

1. As a merchant, you can easily consolidate the total quantity of the product which needs to be restocked. Notice that in the “Notify Me List”, there should be a column reflecting quantities demanded by each customer who requested for notifications. Simply add up all the numbers to determine the total quantity you need to restock for that product. You may want to add a buffer to that figure!

Customizing "Notify Me" Email

1. To customize the email notifications sent out to customers, click on “NotifyMe Settings”. You will find a text box to customize your email message. Do not forget to save once you're done!

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