Order Status - What they mean

Under the “Orders” tab, you will see this column, “Order Status”.

*Note - If an icon “Actions required” appear, you have not delivered or refunded that order and it has not been cancelled.

There are 6 different status that can be listed there, namely:

1. Awaiting Payment

Order was made, the customer choose not to pay with credit card, but no payment details have been submitted by the customer.

2. Payment Updated

Orders was made and the customer have submitted the payment details. You will need to check with your own bank to check for the validity of the transaction.

3. Payment Received

Orders are made and the payment has been verified.

4. Delivered

You have delivered the product(s) to the customer for that order. If your product is sent through courier service like DHL, you can include the Tracking Id as shown below.

*Note - Remember to key in which courier service is being used to sent the product so that your customers will know where to use the Tracking Id to track their parcel.

An email will be sent to the customer with the Tacking Id.

5. Refunded

You have refunded the amount to the customer for that order.

6. Failed

The order is cancelled.

With each of a change in status, an email will automatically be sent to your customers updating her of the order status.

For a better description of this process, please check out ”The Ordering Process”.

Tips: Update your status promptly so that your customers feels more engaged and cared for. As a result, customer loyalties are fostered and they will be more likely to come back to your shop.

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