When a sale is made, the orders and customers tab will appear.

Click on the “Orders” tab, and you will be able to see all the orders that your customers have made, the payment status of the orders as well as the feedbacks and comments that your customers have given. (For e.g. The screenshot below)

1. Order No: The order number will also reflect on your customer's invoice. Click 'View' to check the summary of the order

A pop-up box will appear with all your customer details and the orders made

Inside the pop-up box, you will be able to see all the order details that your customers have provided.

2. Customer: The name of your customer

3. Payment details: The total bill for the order made, and the selected payment method

4. Order status: The payment status of your customers. The red sign “Actions Required” alerts you to keep your customers updated of the order status. Select the actions in the dropdown and click the blue 'Update' button to send an automatic email to your customers on their payment status.
Learn more about Payment Statuses. . To know whether the actions were carried out, check the status.

If you own a Paypal Business account, it will be even more convenient for you as refunds can be carried out directly at the dashboard.

5. Details: Shows when and where the order was made. With Tackthis! trackback function, it helps to track where each of your sales are made, and you can combine this with the tackability feature to build your own affiliate marketing program! Click on the resend button if your customers do not receive the automatic invoice from you.

You can also use the 'Search' button to search for the particular products you want.

Download the orders as well as the Delivery address for further use.

Click here to learn more about the different types of “Order Status” and what they mean.

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