Product Analysis

To view an analysis of your product, choose the product you want to view under “Products” and click on edit.

Next out of the four choices, select “Analysis”.

Under “Analysis”, you are able to view the following things:

Product Info

Creation Date - The date and time you created the product in your inventory.

Last Update Date - The last date and time where you made any modification to the product.

Days in Inventory - The number of days, hours, minutes since you first created the product.

Days Published - The number of days, hours, minutes it is been showcase at your store front.

*Note - If you unpublished your product, the number of days will stopped counting.(e.g. If you have published for 5 days and you click unpublished, it will show 5 days. If you choose to publish it again, the count will start from 0.

Product Popularity Info

Number of View - The number of times your customers click on the product.

Number of Add To Cart - The number of times your customers has added the product to the cart.

Total Social Interest - The total number of Like and Share your product has received from Facebook.If your product is under the share promotion and it has been shared, the total number will include the number of share promo.

If you click on “More Details” beside “Total Social Interest”, you can view the exact number of likes and shares in Facebook followed by the number of unlikes and cancelled shares.

*Note - The 'Number of Share Promo' will appear if you add the product onto the share promotion and your customers have shared it. The 'Number of Cancelled Share Promo' will appear once your customer cancels it after clicking share.

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