Product Images

When everything is saved, you can proceed to upload more of your product images and sort them accordingly.

Recommended Image Size

800 pixels by 1200 pixels

If the longest side is the width, the image would be in the landscape orientation.
If the longest side is the height, the image would be in the portrait orientation.

Generally, images that are less than 800 pixels in size are not recommended unless you do not want the zoom function, then 400 pixels or 600 pixels sized images are fine. (Learn more about the zoom feature)
Uploading images that are too large (i.e. more than 2000 pixels in size) is not recommended although it is possible. Excessively large images would result with:

  1. Longer uploading time (depending on your internet connection)
  2. Longer online photo editor loading time
  3. Longer zoomed image loading time
  4. An “Overzoomed” effect (e.g. if you have a dress product that you want customers to zoom in to see the design. This effect will result with a zoom into the pores of the dress' fabric instead.)

Editing Images Online

After uploading the product images, you can edit your image by cropping it, setting contrast or adding in some effects/ features. To edit your images, click on “Edit” under products followed by clicking on the pencil logo on the image you want to edit.

Then, a small window will show up with different options to choose from. Play around with it to get your most desirable outcomes, then save it.

Arrange the order of your product images by dragging the image under “Basic Settings”. Featured photo is your first product image.

Product Image Zoom

Your customers are able to view the product at a closer look with the zoom feature. This feature is activated for all shops by default as long as the product images are sufficiently large enough.

Moving on to Creating Categories for your products.

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