Add Products

To add and categorize your products, click into the “Products” tab.

On the main page, click on “Add Products” to upload your inventory.

Basic Settings of Product

Enter the Product Information:

1. Product Name: Create a short and attractive product name to capture the visitors’ attention

2. Product Description: You can customize the text, or insert a video for your product description. For product description, always give sufficient details of your products to allow your customers know more about them before making a purchase. If you have long product descriptions, add a ”[ [” and ”] ]” to categorize your descriptions into tabs. An example is shown below.

3. Product Category: Assign categories for your product. Simply type in the tags and group the product in multiple different categories on the shop

4. Product Images: Upload and arrange your product images here. Mouseover the image to delete or edit it.

Product Attributes

1. Product price: Assign the product price here.

2. Available Stock: Keep your consumers informed of the available stocks you’re selling. This is to save their trouble to purchase your products without worrying that it will be out of stock at their point of purchase. You can show the stock count by enabling it (refer to the screenshot below). *Note that the deduction of your stocks is only reflected after the customer has updated her payment details, or has made payment via Paypal.

3. Product Weight: Enter the product weight if you want to set a delivery method by weight for particular products. Please go to Delivery icon on the control panel to configure the settings. Learn more about the configuration of Delivery by Weight.

After you finished settings under “Basic Setting”, please proceed on to Extras to configure your setting there.

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