Recommends Product

TackThis “Recommends” enables you to assign some recommended products to a specific product for your customer. The recommended products will appear at the bottom of the product's description on the “You may also like” section.

Here is how you can do it,

Click on “Product”, → Select the product you want to assign some recommended products to, → Click “Edit”

In the Recommends tab, you can add products into a Recommended Product List that will appear to your customer.

To add products into the Recommended Product List, type in your product's name into the search box at the top of Product List.

After that, you can just click on the product, and it will be automatically added into the Recommended Product List.

To delete a product from the Recommended Product List, you can just click the red cross sign in the right side of each product's name.

After clicking the red cross sign, the product will be automatically removed from Recommended Product List.

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