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The Share Promotion tool is the first of our social selling tools. It leverages social networks and the power of referrals to drive traffic and sales to your shop! Read about the details of how Share Promotion works on our blog(It is recommended that a new tab should be opened).

To set up the Share Promotion Tool for your shop, follow these simple steps:
1. Click onto the “Promotion” icon

2. Add a new promotion and select the “Share Promotion” in the dropdown. Enter the discount you want to give your customers for sharing. You can enter this as a percentage or in an monetary amount.  You can also plan a promotion period for your products by editing the start date and end date of the share promotion.

3. Next, select the product(s) which you want to enable the Share Promotion. (We recommend that you enable all the products in your shop - this makes it less confusing for the customer).

Now you are done! Below is how it's look like with the 'Share Promotion' function.

Now your customers can enjoy the promotion just by clicking the 'Share” button and sharing the product on Facebook!

Lastly, the product will show the discount price after you have shared on Facebook. Now your customers will be able to enjoy the promotion price!

Click here to find out more on the other types of promotion feature available.

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