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 +====== How to get on to a Marketplace ======
 +This feature is currently only available in the Philippines, where all Philippines based TackThis shops are aggregated into a marketplace called //www.takatack.com //
 +Once you have added a Shop Alias in your [[basic|Shop Settings]], your shop will automatically be assigned a unique marketplace shop URL based on your Shop Alias.
 +So if you have set your Shop Alias as //awesomeshop//, then visitors will be able to access your shop via both:
 +  * - tackthis.com.ph/awesomeshop
 +  * - awesomeshop.takatack.com
 +Note that having your shop listed on the marketplace is not the same as getting featured. Drop sales@takatack.com a note if you want your shop to be featured!
 +Having a unique marketplace URL is necessary for those who wish to setup their own [[Custom Domain]].
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