Control Panel

Work your way down the control panel to create your store, and utilize the preview page while you’re editing the settings, as it mirrors the exact view and structure of your e-store after you tack it on your preferred social network. You can also refer to the progress bar to the completion of your e-store.

Once you have completed the tabs from “Theme” to “Delivery”, the progress bar will change to a green “Tack Your Shop” button and that is when you can publish your shop on your preferred social network.

The Dashboard is the first thing you’ll see after you login to your account, which gives you an overview of how your online business is doing. The control panel is on right, where you can configure the settings for your e-store.

Your shop statistics are also visible once you scroll down. Here you will get to view details such as Analytics, Orders, Products, Inbox, Delivery and Payments.

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