Ordering Process

1. Your customer arrive at one of your store front.

2. Your customer can learn more about your product by looking at it from different angles, zoom feature, product description, etc.

If your product come with advanced product attributes, your customers can make selection based on the particular attribute like colour, size, etc.

Learn more about Advanced Product Attributes here

3. If they like your product, they can put it inside their cart and proceed on shopping, or proceed to cart for the Cart Summary
If your customer has a coupon code, he or she may use it during the checkout process.

4. Next proceed to Delivery Option. As an existing member of TackThis, they can just sign in and proceed on with the checkout process or the alternative way is to sign in using Facebook account. If they do not have any of them, they can sign-up for a TackThis account under the delivery option.

Once they sign-in, they need to select the delivery option followed by the recipient details.

Select delivery method and enter the recipient detail

5. Next proceed to Payment Option.If they pay by any ATM methods like MOLPay etc, an automatic email will be sent to them to fill up their payment details. If they choose to pay using Paypal/Credit card, they will be brought over to a secure site where they can fill in their credit card information.

*Note - If your customers did not make payment when selected the Paypal/Credit card option, the Order Status will indicate “Failed”.

Paypal page to fill in credit card information

After they finished their checkout process, they can choose to view it in a consolidate form before proceed on to clicking “Secure Checkout” to finish their checkout process.

We also advised merchants to include a step-by-step ordering process on their shops as this will increase raise the customers' confidence in the checkout system, as well as increase successful checkouts. For the convenience of our merchants, we have attached the checkout steps below:

Copy and paste this on your website

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