By using our solution, your products are easy to browse and your shop looks sleek and inviting. Best of all, you can adjust the layout of your shop to suit your products, page size, and website!

Select Layout

You can choose to display your products in: Portrait, Landscape, Portrait (Big) and Blogshop format.

Select layout

In Portrait theme:

In Landscape theme:

The Blogshop theme caters to merchants who wish to retain their traditional blogshop layout and yet still adopts the full eCommerce solution (shopping cart and instant checkout).

Display your categories

Next, you can choose to display your navigation menu horizontally, or vertically.

Display your categories

Display your categories in horizontal navigation menu:

Display your categories in vertical navigation menu:

Mouseover effects

Mouseover effects allows your customers to view alternative images for a product at the shop front. Check the box to enable it.

Default product view

You can also display your products in grid view, or list view!

Grid view:

Display your products in list view allows your customers to take a peek of your product description:

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