Basic Tacking

First, click on the “Wordpress.org” logo.

Then, click on the “here” to download tackthis Wordpress plugin.
After that, copy the code inside the box.

Next, log into your Wordpress.org account and click on “Add New” under “Plugins”.

After uploading the tackthis plugin, paste the shop code that you earlier copied from our “Tack You Shop” page onto a Wordpress page you would like your shop to be displayed. (see example below)

Now, publish your new page and you are done!

Advanced Tacking: Categories

You make want to link certain items on your Wordpress.org menu onto specific Tackthis! Categories so that when your customer clicks that link, he/she will be directed to the Tackthis! Shop displaying a specific category of products instead of the Tackthis! shop's homepage.

To do this, you will need obtain the category's identify number (ID). On the Tackthis! Dashboard, click “Preview” to open a new window with a standalone Tackthis! shop. Open a category using the menu bar and you should see the category ID on the URL address.

For example, clicking on the Choco Banana category would generate a new URL on the address bar. The category ID refers to the numbers highlighted in the red box

Next, go to “Tack Your Shop” and choose the Wordpress.org option again. This time, add ”&cid=(Category ID number here)“ just behind [this].

Tip: cid actually stands for category ID

After this, all you have to do is to copy the entire piece of code and paste it onto the Wordpress page you want the category to appear, then insert this Wordpress page into your Wordpress menu.

Advanced Tacking: Products

The concept above can be applied to specific products as well.

This time, preview your shop and click on a specific product on your Tackthis! shop and obtain the Product ID from the URL address.

Go back to “Tack Your Shop” and click the Wordpress.org option. Add ”&pid=(Product ID number here)“ just behind [this].

Tip: pid actually stands for Product ID

You can then proceed to copy and paste this code into a Wordpress page.

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