Delivery in the Philippines has never been more convenient with Xend!

Accessing Xend delivery option

1. When you click “Delivery” on the Dashboard, you will see that the Xend delivery option has already been automatically added into your shop. However, you will need to connect a Xend account to your Tackthis shop before being able to turn it “On”.

2. Click on “Configure” to connect your Xend account and access more delivery settings.

Creating a Xend account to set Collection Address(es)

You need a Xend account to create collection addresses. Collection addresses are the locations where the courier will come and pick your products up before delivering them to your customers.

1. If you do not have an existing Xend account, you will need to create one to use their delivery services. Go to myXend Account Registration and follow the simple steps to create an account with Xend.

2. After logging into your myXend dashboard, click on “My Account” to create more collection addresses.

Click on “Add” to add more collection addresses to your myXend account. You will be using these addresses later in your Tackthis shop!

Connecting your Xend account to Tackthis!

1. Go to “Delivery” in your Tackthis Dashboard, click “Configure” on the Xend delivery option.

2. Click on “Connect to your myXend”

If you do not have a Xend account, simply click on “Sign-up one HERE” and follow the steps to create an account with Xend.

3. You will be brought to the myXend Login page. Simply log in using your username and password to connect Xend to your Tackthis shop.

Selecting a Collection Address

1. After connecting your myXend account, you will be able to choose one collection address in the drop down menu shown in the image below:

*Tip: You can only choose one collection address. After choosing the address (For example, RCBC Building in the above), the courier will go to that address to collect the products from you before delivering it to your customers)

2. You can continue to set other delivery options such as customising the email message and adding taxes to the cart total.

3. Also, you can view the latest shipping rates offered by Xend

Buyers using Xend

What do your customers see when they use the Xend delivery option?

1. Your customers will be able to choose “Xend” as a delivery option once they sign in/register/guest checkout at the express checkout page.

2. Customers can choose the type of courier service they want and even add insurance.

IMPORTANT: Xend automatically calculates the cost of delivery for the customer based on the weight of their checkout basket. To ensure accurate calculations for your customers, remember to assign correct weights to your products in your Tackthis Shop. Go to “Products” in your Tackthis Dashboard to edit product information and add weights.

Managing your Xend Deliveries & Orders

Getting Xend to Collect Products

1. To view all the orders with Xend delivery selected, go to “Orders” in your Tackthis Dashboard.

2. Upon receiving payment from your customers, you can begin prepare your products and be ready to deliver. Changing the status of the order to “Ready to Deliver” will create a Waybill for that customer's order. *Tip: A Waybill is a receipt from Xend which contains details of you and your customer, and also the collection and delivery address.

3. A tracking code will be assigned to the order. Your customer will receive the tracking code in an email when you notify him/her.

4. You can now click on “Check Waybill” to check the status of the delivery from the time the courier collects the product(s) and successfully delivers them.

*Tip: Consolidate all of your day's/week's orders by changing existing Xend delivery order statuses to “Ready to Deliver” before proceeding to the next step.

5. When you are ready for the courier to pick up all your packed products from your designated location, click “Book Delivery Collection”. You will then be asked to enter your preferred date and time for collection.

6. Clicking “Book” will then update your Waybill and the courier will be on its way!

Tracking Xend Delivery

1. To check the status of the Xend delivery, click “Check Waybill”. A pop-up will appear showing you the Waybill No., Service Type, Consignee, and Status.

2. The different Xend delivery statuses are:

 a. NEW - Waybill was just created after clicking "Book Delivery Collection".
 b. PICKED UP FROM SHIPPER - Courier has collected products from your designated address.
 c. IN TRANSIT - Courier is on the way to your customer's delivery address.
 d. DELIVERED - Customer has received your products.
 e. ATTEMPTED DELIVERY - Courier has reached your customer's delivery address but was unable to deliver due to certain reasons (Nobody at home, wrong address, etc.).
 f. RETURN TO SENDER - Courier is sending product back to you due to a failed delivery attempt.

3. The waybill is DELIVERED, you will be prompted to notify your customer via email that their purchase has been successfully delivered.

Xend UNLIPAK (New!)

What is Xend UNLIPAK?

Are you selling heavy items and wish to save costs on delivery? UNLIPAK is a volume-based courier service offered by Xend and it helps you to do just that! With volumetric delivery costing, you do not have to worry that your small but heavy items would cost a lot to deliver.

Activating Xend UNLIPAK

1. To use Xend UNLIPAK, simply to go the Delivery tab, and click Configure on the Xend delivery option.

2. Under Xend Packaging Type, choose UNLI WEIGHT Pouch.

3. Xend UNLIPAK is now activated!

What does "Default Pouch Size & Max. Capacity of Pouch" mean?

Upon activating Xend UNLIPAK, all products will be assigned the Default Pouch Size and Default Max. Capacity of Pouch values.

Default Pouch Size

This refers to the size of the pouch to be used on ALL your products.

For example, in the screenshot above, the XL Pouch is chosen as the Default Pouch Size. Therefore, all the products in your inventory will be packed into XL-sized pouches.

Default Max. Capacity of Pouch

This refers to the quantity of a single product that can be fitted into the specified pouch size for ALL your products.

For example, in the screenshot above, each XL Pouch is able to fit 4 pieces of a product.

Note: If you allow all the products to take the default values for Xend UNLIPAK pouch size and max. capacity, the system will automatically maximise the use of each pouch for you. For example, if Product A and B have the default values of XL Pouch and maximum 4 pieces per pouch, having both Products A and B in the shopping cart would mean only using 1 XL pouch to contain both items.

Customising Pouch Size and Pouch Capacity for individual products

Sometimes, your products might be of different sizes and would require different pouch sizes and max. capacities.

For example, a tennis racket might be a larger item. Hence, you would need an XL pouch and the maximum number of rackets you can fit in an XL pouch might be only 1.

1. Click on the Products tab to list out all your items.

2. Search for the product you want to customise the XEND UNLIPAK settings and click Edit.

3. Scroll down to find Shipping Limitations for Product.

4. Select Custom to set the specific Pouch Size and how many pieces of the product this pouch can contain.

5. Note that for every product that has customised XEND UNLIPAK settings, it will be packed individually. There will be no maximisation of pouch space with OTHER products. i.e. other products, besides the tennis racket, will not fit into the pouch to make use of any extra space. More details in the next section.

Calculating delivery costs of UNLIPAK

Assume that a buyer has 3 products in his shopping cart: 2 pairs of shoes called Tokuten, another 3 pairs of shoes called Court Tempo, and 2 Tennis Rackets.

Both shoes are left to the default values and only the Tennis Racket has customised XEND UNLIPAK settings. Here's how the delivery fees will be calculated for your buyer.

The Tennis Rackets require 2 XL Pouches because we set the maximum quantity per XL pouch to be ONE Tennis Racket. So, 2 Tennis Rackets would require 2 XL Pouches.

To ship all 5 pairs of shoes, we require 2 XL Pouches because they have default values of XL Pouch and each XL Pouch can fit up to FOUR pairs of shoes. So, 5 pairs of shoes would require 2 XL Pouches - 4 pairs in one XL Pouch and 1 pair in another XL pouch.

The total number of pouches you need is summarised in the Orders tab.

Simply click View on an order to see the Order Details.

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